a moment with emiliano santapaola

Emiliano Santapaola is an
editorial and portrait
photographer, specializing
in people photography with a
sexy style and energetic

From a seductive glance, too
communicating a genuine
connection, Emiliano’s images
make a lasting impression.
His sensitive play on light and
composition adds a serenity to
his images which defines his
style and adds a beauty to
scenes of everyday life.

Over the years, Emiliano’s
photographs have appeared
on many leading publications
such as Vanidades, Roll Up
Magazine, Cosmopolitan,
Harpers Bazaar, Chicle Mag,
Para Ti, Off Town Magazine,
Oh La La, among others, with
more than 20 years of
experience in the fashion

Emiliano has published a
personal book(2007) and
Portrait and Poetry book (2019)